Worcester Outdoor Fitness

Personal training - Boxing Fitness - Bootcamps - Martial Arts

Worcester Outdoor Fitness

Personal training - Boxing Fitness - Bootcamps - Martial Arts

Great for team bonding, self defence, and confidence. We offer services Outdoor, at 2 Local Gyms and we can also run sessions at your business residence. We can do Sessions with up to 20 people, but can also do outstanding sessions with small groups.

If your staff are training for a team fitness event such as a mudder, trek or marathon, Bootcamp training can help prep them to get to the fitness level they need to be along with reducing the risk of injury. Bootcamp for general fitness to aid a healthy workforce, will help your company reduce absenteeism levels, increase productivity, help with team building and create a positive environment for your staff. Our bespoke corporate fitness programmes will work wonders for the health of your business as well as the individual health of your co workers and employees.




We will design everything to suit you, so whether you’re looking for a comprehensive corporate fitness programme in London, to a one off team building event we can help.



We provide a huge variety of high energy fitness, balance & dance classes including boot camps, run clubs, boxing, slef defence,kickboxing, circuits & HITT classes.


We provide a range of talks covering everything from nutrition, fitness, wellbeing, personal/professional development as well as social media & business development.


We provide a number of engaging and inspirational workshops including nutrition, coaching, smoothie bars and a range of arts and crafts.


We offer a variety of arts and crafts sessions perfect for learning new skills or taking peaceful time to enjoy a new creative hobby.


We offer a range of pop up clinics including sports massage reward days, expert nutritionist clinics and life transformation coaching.


Everything from catering, event management, booking systems and hosting as well as videography and photography.



So you may be wondering what the benefits are to you as a business owner or manager? ​It’s been proven that companies with successful wellbeing programmes reap the benefits in the productivity of the workforce. Employees who have the opportunities of a wellness programme available to them. 


The Five Benefits of Workplace Fitness Culture :

Fitness Lowers Healthcare Costs. It's a fact: healthy employees cost less than unhealthy employees. ...

Less Absenteeism. It makes sense that healthier workers miss fewer days of work. ...

Fitness Creates Less Stress. ...

Fitness Encourages Better Work Performance. ...

Fitness Fosters Teamwork. ...

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