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Have you ever felt the need or want to keep active but don’t have the time, are always away or travelling, find the whole gym scene intimidating or simply are not sure what to do ? This monthly package is in the form of a custom weekly workout program that can be performed pretty much anywhere in a minimal amount of time using your own bodyweight and can be adjusted to include any equipment you have or that i recommend purchasing to achieve your goals. We are talking 30-40 minutes max with motivation, fun and direction from me to get in shape and improve fitness, muscularity, fat loss etc. We will have a weekly phone or video call where i explain your workout program to you, make sure you’re up to speed, check on your progress and answer any questions!


If at any time during the week you are stuck, do not hesitate to message, i am hear to make sure you achieve your goals and most importantly to keep you accountable! Training will be programmed for 3-5 days a week depending on current fitness levels and time constraints. Alongside you get useful nutrition tips and some fun fitness related facts! The great thing about bodyweight exercises, is that they can be modified all the time to match your location, surroundings and individual strengths and weaknesses as you progress.


Exercises can be modified to make sure a complete and challenging workout is achieved. This is an affordable and great opportunity to grab exercise by the reins and give it a try, get back into it, or continue what you are already doing with the added reassurance of my guidance!





This is amore extensive and personal experience where we work together over platforms such as Facetime and Zoom to video call sessions! So now whether you are a regular personal training client in London away on holiday/business or you live outside London or anywhere in the world, we can work together, through Virtual Personal Training, to achieve your fitness goals. Virtual Personal Training wherever you are, with my guidance & motivation as if i was with you in person. Whether your goals are to build muscle, lose fat, get in shape for a sport/competition or generally just improve your fitness, after our initial consultation, i will plan ahead to create a program that will achieve your goals and set you up with the knowledge on how to train functionally and correctly!


This package follows the same standards and quality delivered as in-person training, i have a 45 minute session planned, based on the equipment you have access to, usually in your own home or hotel gym etc. And we get on with the session just like normal! In fact, many clients have mentioned how much more effective it is! Less hassle on travelling, schedule and weather complaints, getting your training in is now easier than ever!


Introductory Offer of £250 for your first 10 Virtual Sessions!






To create the perfect training for you, I need to establish: Where you currently are at Where you want to get to What your current schedule, commitments, injuries, training experience and available equipment is. The best plan is always the one that works best for YOU! We will find this together, and work around any issues or problems you may have.



I now get cracking on creating your initial tailored workout plan; completely specific to you, your goals and your busy schedule. I fully support you throughout, but in particular in this beginning stage, as you learn and begin to grow. I also begin reviewing your current eating habits, ahead of providing a tailored nutritional plan, help and advice.



Despite what some Fitness Pros will try to convince you, it’s not a ‘One Size Fits All’ thing when it comes to getting in great shape! We are all unique! We have different things we like and dislike, different strengths and weaknesses, different wants and desires! I will push you, but I will push you where you want to go, in a way you want to be pushed!



You joined to get results, & results you will get! And the greatest part!? You will have done it in a healthy, fun & life changing way! You won’t have taken magic pills, eaten meals from a packet 5 times a day, or starved your body! AND, you will now have all the tools, knowledge & confidence to sustain your amazing new body and life.

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