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06.00 am - 06.45 am


DP Boxing Gym

Sheriff  Street





We run Bootcamp sessions all across Worcester and have options for 1-1, Small groups or Larger Group sessions Our non-military style Boot Camp is perfect for people who prefer to train in the great outdoors and within a group situation - We do not use scare tactics to motivate you. You can expect a fun atmosphere with a friendly group that band together as a team to help eachother through each session. Expect to use resistance bands, battling ropes, slam balls, weight sleds and tractor tyres to blast away stubborn fat and build lean muscle!




756 calories Calories Burned During Circuit Training With high-intensity circuit training, you can burn twice as many calories as you'd burn with certain other common exercises. A 150-pound person burns an estimated 756 calories in one hour of circuit training, according to the President's Council on Fitness, Sports & Nutrition. TOP 5 BENEFITS OF CIRCUIT /HIIT TRAINING Regardless of your fitness goals, improving muscular strength is important Cardiovascular Health. Routines with aerobic exercise, like jump rope or jogging in place, increase your blood circulation and get your heart rate up. Time Efficient Welcoming Environment Beats Boredom.




Here we punch our way to perfection... Boxing Bootcamp is for all levels of fitness, capabilities and of course for people who have never put a boxing glove on in their life, we are the best way to get into boxing training in afun and friendly environment with patient trainers. Here at Boxing Bootcamp we get you fit... fast! With boxing to be proven to be one of the toughest forms of training with high intensity interval training, cardio vascular and strength and conditioning all rolled into one. ​ Our sessions are based around boxing combinations and technique work while advancing through the time your with us. To gain the best results inbetween the combos we then focus on the other parts of your body with leg sculpting, shoulder and arm shredding and core crunching exercises to ensure your aerobic fitness and all areas of your body are be targeted in each and every session. Great for stress relief, self defence and confidence


This is one of our more popular sessions which typically involves:

10 min warm up

30 min pad work drills and exercises

10 min full body drills

10 min cooldown, stretches etc

Suitable for all fitness levels




This is a great session to start with and it typically involves:


10 min warm up

30 min full bodyweight drills and exercises

5 min insanity round

10 min cooldown, stretches etc


We feel that for most people this is a great way to get started. This is aimed at Beginner and Intermediate levels of Fitness





1 SESSION@ £10


10 SESSIONS - £80

3 Month expiry from first session


20 SESSIONS - £140

5 Month expiry from first session



Various colours and sizes are available



Various colours and sizes are available


All bookings made via email at least 24 hours before the start of the session and payments to be transferred before the session starts, with your name as reference to:

sort code 20-25-36

account number 43377261


strictly no refunds and standard 24 hour cancellation period to still be charged




-Lifewhitehouse Leisure Centre

-DP Boxing Gym

- More locations coming soon


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We will also be running Self Defence workshops, as well as setting up a Running Group. Further information will be posted within the next few weeks